Thursday, January 23, 2020

**Please be advised that effective Sunday 1/29/17 GCT Bayonne will be permanently relocating our trouble window and receiving office. The new location will be in the building located just west of the inbound pedestals as you enter the terminal.**


Drivers that are caught speeding (terminal speed limit is 15 mph) will be banned from the terminal for 5 days.


Drivers not stopping at stop bars and signs will be banned from the terminal for 5 days.


Drivers not wearing safety vests will be voided out of the terminal.


Drivers using cell phones or mobile devices while driving will be banned from the terminal for 5 days.


It is now MANDATORY that you must have an RFID Tag on your truck to enter GCT Bayonne.


Chassis cannot be dropped off at the terminal without explicit direction from the GCT Bayonne Management team.

Daily Empty Restriction

  • Lines Please check website for restrictions

Chassis Info

  •   20'40'45'

Vessels Open for Receiving

Full vessel schedule is available: View Full Schedule

Gate Hours of Operation

  • Single Moves 6:00 AM 4:00 PM
  • Double Moves 6:00 AM 3:30 PM
  • Reefers 6:00 AM 3:00 PM
  • Out-of-gauge 8:00 AM 2:00 PM

Break Bulk or Heavy Lift by APPOINTMENT ONLY – call: 201-706-4018 or 201-706-4014

News and Notes

  • The yard is currently busy. Moderate volume is expected throughout the day.
  • The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has made a change to the SOLAS regulation that requires each container to have a verified gross mass (VGM) prior to being loaded to a vessel. This change is effective July 1, 2016. GCT Bayonne and GCT New York are working with all of our customers to establish EDI connectivity to allow for the electronic transfer of the VGM for each export container from the Shipping Line to the Terminal. GCT Bayonne and GCT New York are capable of receiving this data set via the VERMAS EDI protocol.
  • For GCT Bayonne and GCT New York, containers will be permitted to enter the terminal without a VGM, however it will be dependent on the container shipping Line to ensure that all containers scheduled to load a vessel for export have the required VGM prior to the stated cutoff.
  • The Line must identify all export containers that do not have the required VGM to the terminal by the stated cutoff. Cutoff for VGM submit submission, unless stated otherwwise, will be 1200 on the day of the cargo cutoff for both GCT Bayonne and GCT New York.
  • Any containers that are cut from the intended vessel as a result of not having the VGM submitted prior to the VGM cutoff will be placed on hold. Any questions as to whether there are charges associated with the holds should be directed to the ocean carrier.

Terminal Operations Contact Info

Mark Kiely, Director of Terminal Ops
Phone: 201-706-4005
Cell: 646-339-5067
Vinny Artese, Terminal Ops Manager
Phone: 201-706-4123
Cell: 551-482-3077
Brian Jackson, TOC Manager
Phone: 718-683-3221
Cell: 718-702-4097
Matt Norton, TOC Manager
Phone: 201-706-4025
Raymond Salgueiro, Yard Ops Manager - OOG
Phone: 201-706-4018
Cell: 201-993-3794
Dan Chiasson, Yard Ops Manager - Imports
Phone: 201-706-4107
Cell: 508-254-2065
Abdullah Koc, TOC Manager
Phone: 201-706-4112
Cell: 551-208-5745
Andrew Cuppler, Yard Ops Manager-OOG
Phone: 201-706-4125
Cell: 551-589-4633
Michael Caputo, Reefer Manager
Phone: 201-706-4079
Cell: 862-371-6714
Paul Duffy, Yard Ops Manager - Empties
Phone: 201-706-4113
Cell: 551-227-8580
Rick Deere, Yard Ops Manager - Empties
Cell: 201-492-4557
Ryan Maloney, Yard Ops Manager
Cell: 551-208-5997